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Titanium dioxide prices are expected to continue to pick up in the second half of the year

from June 11 to July 10, titanium dioxide prices in the domestic market rose against the weak market. After four rises, the average quotation has risen from 12996 yuan/ton to 13464 yuan/ton, an increase of 3.60%. Analysts pointed out that the establishment of new industry access conditions and the implementation of the new "environmental protection law" next year have made environmental protection policies an important factor affecting industry capacity; Supported by the recovery of overseas demand, titanium dioxide prices will continue to pick up in the second half of the year

overseas market recovery support

in July, titanium dioxide manufacturers continued to raise prices. Since July 7, two titanium dioxide enterprises in Shandong have raised the domestic sales price by 300 yuan/ton at the same time, involving an annual production capacity of 260000 tons. A week ago, DuPont and isk simultaneously announced on July 1 that they would raise the price of titanium dioxide sold in the Asia Pacific region by $200/ton

insiders said that at present, domestic real estate and other industries are still in a downturn, and many enterprises have serious equalitarianism. The round of titanium dioxide price rise is mainly caused by the recovery of overseas demand. The rise in overseas demand is conducive to digesting the inventory of domestic manufacturers. The price rise of domestic manufacturers also has some factors that echo the price rise of international giants

Yangxun, titanium dioxide analyst at business club, said that this price rise will consolidate the last round of price rise. At present, the overall bottom characteristics of titanium dioxide prices are obvious, and the empty capacity is basically exhausted. After a short period of consolidation and preparation, "land volume sees land price", under the influence of the "unilateral" market lifting effect of foreign trade, the main tone of the shock climbing or future market operation, and the titanium dioxide price level in the second half of 2014 may be higher than that in the first half of 2014

hope that the low-end production capacity will be resolved

although the overseas demand has supported this round of price rise, the sluggish domestic demand still makes the titanium dioxide price rise in the future lack of confidence. Yang Xun said that since April, the influence of price adjustment of leading enterprises has gradually weakened, and fewer and fewer manufacturers have followed the rise, reflecting that the situation of overcapacity of low-end varieties in the domestic titanium dioxide industry is still serious

titanium dioxide is the third largest inorganic chemical product with market value second only to synthetic ammonia and phosphorus chemical industry. Experts predict that in the next five years, the global annual demand for titanium dioxide will still maintain a growth rate of more than 3%, and the growth rate in the Asia Pacific region is expected to exceed 6%

In, the annual production capacity of titanium dioxide in China increased from 340000 tons to 2.935 million tons, and the annual output increased from 310000 tons to 2.155 million tons, nearly half of the global output. In 2013, the apparent consumption of titanium dioxide in China was about 1.69 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 1.19%. The industry as a whole showed a situation of overcapacity with 6 and extended 3-piece wedge fixtures

titanium dioxide can be produced by sulfuric acid method and chlorination method. Among them, the sulfuric acid production process consumes high energy and discharges large amount of pollutants; The production process of chlorination process is environmental friendly and the product quality is high. However, at present, the core technology of chlorination process is monopolized by foreign giants such as DuPont of the United States, and it is difficult for domestic enterprises to solve technical problems by themselves. At present, only Jinzhou titanium industry and other companies in China have chlorination production lines, and only Jinzhou titanium industry has successfully achieved mass production, and other enterprises are still in the trial run stage. Therefore, China's titanium dioxide industry is still in the stage of "fighting" in low-end products

the industry hopes that the implementation of relevant national environmental protection and industrial policies can limit new capacity and eliminate excess capacity. Recently, it was reported that the "titanium dioxide industry access conditions" revised by the Ministry of industry and information technology may be issued within this year. Guoxinrong, Secretary General of the titanium dioxide industry branch of China Paint Industry Association, said in an interview that the newly revised "titanium dioxide industry access conditions" focuses on controlling the increment and optimizing the stock, and the capacity of the traditional sulfuric acid method will be strictly constrained. Xinda securities research report predicts that the new capacity of the industry will be limited in 2015

high governance costs will also force some enterprises to exit. In terms of cost, analysts pointed out that the treatment cost of titanium dioxide pollutants produced by the traditional sulfuric acid method is 1900 yuan per ton of products. Under the current state of meager profits and 80% of titanium dioxide enterprises at a loss, it is expected that this equipment, including a capacitive keyboard and a graphic LCD screen, will be used by small and medium-sized enterprises to exit the industry

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