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The absorptive capacity of the Russian paint market has increased

the absorptive capacity of the Russian paint market has increased

February 11, 2004

in recent years, the output of Russian paint has been declining. With the recovery of demand, a large part of its market needs to be compensated by imported resources. Developing the Russian market will be a hot spot for Chinese paint enterprises

it is reported that there are about 500 coating production enterprises in Russia, most of which are imported with an annual output of less than 5000 tons, and some domestic joint venture manufacturers can reach small factories. Their products are cheap and of low quality. There are 11 large manufacturers established in the Soviet Union, whose paint production accounts for 60% of the production capacity of the Russian paint industry. In the past 10 years, Russian military enterprises and machine manufacturing industry are the main demanders of coatings, accounting for about 90% of the demand; The demand of the remaining part is in the construction industry, and there is little paint specially produced for individual users

since 1990, with the reduction of demand for coatings, the output of coatings has also declined sharply. Due to the unfavorable situation that it was not able to change production rapidly in the household coating market at that time, the coating retail market was occupied by foreign competitors. According to data, in the Soviet Union in 1990, the paint output was 187000 tons, of which 5.3% was domestic market demand; However, by 1997, the import proportion of coatings had reached 30%. During this period, the output of Russian coatings decreased by 20%. The devaluation of the ruble in 1988 raised the price of imported coatings, resulting in a decrease in the number of imported coatings, and the situation has changed: from 1999 to February, Jinan experimental machine factory 1 paid attention to protecting the interests of consumers. During 2000, Russian coating manufacturers increased production by 30%

according to the prediction of professionals, the current coating production structure in Russia will not change significantly by 2005 (grinding off the coating), but the demand is picking up. Even if the proportion of imported products does not decrease, the coating produced by Russian manufacturers due to their centralized improvement of processing characteristics and design flexibility cannot meet the needs of demanders for high-quality products

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