The abuse of the hottest food additives is worryin

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The abuse of food additives is worrying. Weighing equipment is "on the battlefield" for troubleshooting

recently, because the energy consumption of magnesium in the production stage of raw materials is far greater than that of steel, most of the food safety problems that have erupted in recent years are related to the abuse of food additives. However, in such an era of interconnected innovation, whether it is good or bad, in a special period, for public opinion publicity, media reports, malicious competition of manufacturers, and so on, A variety of marketing methods make people enter a state of talking about "additives" color change

recently, the regulations on the administration of small-scale food production and operation in Beijing (the third review draft) added normative requirements on food additives. The author learned that the third review proposed that small workshops, small restaurants and small grocery stores using food additives that are easy to abuse will face a maximum fine of 10000 yuan

because nitrite looks like edible salt, it is very easy to be eaten and misused, which will lead to human death. In the third review draft, it was clearly required that small-scale food producers and operators should not purchase, store or use nitrite and other food additives that are easy to abuse

as we all know, nitrite is similar to table salt in appearance and taste, and is widely used in industry and construction industry, while it is also allowed to be used in meat products in limited quantities as a chromogenic agent. However, if a large amount of nitrite is ingested orally in a short time, it is easy to cause acute poisoning. According to insiders, nitrite intake of 0.3g may cause poisoning and 3G may lead to death. In addition, the list of carcinogens published by the international agency for research on cancer of the World Health Organization was preliminarily sorted out for reference. Under the conditions that led DuPont to strive to achieve value-added innovation without affecting the earth or its residents, the ingested nitrate or nitrite was included in the list of class 2A carcinogens

therefore, it is not unreasonable to prohibit the use of nitrite and other food additives in the third deliberation draft of the draft. In addition, in order to prevent food poisoning caused by eating nitrite by mistake and personal injury caused by drinking methanol by mistake, and ensure the health and life safety of the people. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement requiring catering service providers to ban nitrite and alcohol based fuels. The announcement requires that food service providers are prohibited from purchasing, storing and using nitrite (including sodium nitrite and potassium nitrite), and strictly prevent nitrite from being mistakenly used as table salt for processed food

indeed, according to the national mandatory standard "national food safety standard for the use of food additives", nitrite is allowed to have trace residues in cured bacon and other products, with a limit of 0.03g/kg, and the maximum residue of smoked ham shall not exceed 0.07g/kg. For unintentionally added and naturally generated nitrite, the national standard for the limits of pollutants in food stipulates that the limit is generally 0.003g-0.005g/kg, and the limit of pickled vegetables is only 0.02g/kg

obviously, according to the national mandatory standards, these products that can use nitrite are strictly controlled in quantity, just like the above-mentioned nitrite intake control quantity, which is very easy to cause poisoning. This requires the processing enterprises of pickled bacon and other products to strictly control the use of nitrite, so as to achieve precise control, so as to avoid exceeding the standard of nitrite residue in food and affecting food safety. Article 16 of the draft provisions states that small-scale food producers and operators should store food additives in special areas (counters) and have special weighing instruments

weighing equipment (weighing apparatus) is widely used in control, batching and metering. The system accuracy of symmetrical weighing equipment is often very high, especially for the accurate control of nitrite usage. In order to obtain high accuracy, people have developed various weighing sensors, such as capacitive, piezomagnetic, resistive strain and 14 Among the computer display and data processing systems, vibrating wire load cells, etc., resistance strain sensors are the most widely used

it is important to control the amount of nitrite added to other food additives or cured bacon and other products with the help of weighing instruments, but it does not rule out that some enterprises abuse food additives, such as nitrite, and fail to accurately control the amount of nitrite added, resulting in excessive addition of nitrite, affecting food safety. It can be seen that the regulations on the administration of small-scale food production and operation in Beijing (the third review draft) has added the specification requirements on the inspection of food 1. The inspection of extrusion connection joints is divided into type inspection and on-site inspection of food additives, especially the strict prohibition of the use of nitrite and other food additives that are easy to abuse is very necessary

so far, small-scale food production enterprises are expected to be strict with themselves, and their business activities should comply with laws, regulations and the food safety requirements set by the state and the city that are compatible with their production and operation scale and conditions, and should not purchase, store, use nitrite and other easily abused food additives, so as to avoid unnecessary punishment

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