The abnormal sound of the hottest printer resolves

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The abnormal sound of the printing machine solves the printing machine failure. 1

the failure is one of the adverse factors that affect the production, and even the print quality. In order to reduce his ability to repeatedly demonstrate, steadily reduce failures, and improve work efficiency, in addition to the normal maintenance of the equipment, the operator must have a certain ability to distinguish. Some faults can be identified by sound, and the location, degree and cause of the fault can be judged by abnormal sound, focusing on integrated manufacturing, lean production and the deep integration of "two modernizations", so as to take timely measures and deal with them accordingly

here are some examples of voice recognition of common faults:

1 The paper delivery suction nozzle makes a slippery "creak" sound

this is caused by the serious wear and tear of the suction nozzle and the smooth suction surface during the long-term use, or the poor air path and too small suction, or it may be due to the reasons such as the paper is too thick, too slippery, or adhesion, which can be handled according to the situation. Generally, there are the following methods: ① put a rubber band on the suction nozzle; ② Scratch the suction surface of the suction nozzle with a saw blade or sandpaper to increase friction; ③ Clean Feida and dredge the air circuit; ④ Remove the scale in the air pump; ⑤ Process the paper

(source "printing technology")

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