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The academic exchange meeting on the application of railway optical fiber access technology kicked off the construction of railway all-optical communication

[Zhengzhou, China, October 9, 2017] recently, in order to implement the working theme of meeting the standard of railway general strength base, improving quality and efficiency, and accelerating the construction of railway informatization, the Automation Committee of the Chinese Railway Society held an academic exchange meeting on the application of railway optical fiber access technology, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, Nanning Railway Bureau, Harbin Railway Bureau, the fourth Railway Institute At the meeting, representatives of the sixth railway research institute and other units shared the practical application cases, design ideas and engineering experience of Huawei's optical fiber to team solutions, and conducted in-depth discussions on the development and evolution of optical fiber access technology. The meeting discussed the importance and urgency of railway optical fiber access construction, exchanged views on communication end-to-end management, application scenario planning, network security protection, decentralized and domain operation and maintenance, and proposed that the optical fiber access technology represented by GPON technology is the preferred development direction to improve the railway communication carrying capacity and supplement the last kilometer access short board of railway informatization

Automation Committee of China Railway Society is one of the earliest professional committees established by China Railway Society. It is a committee for railway communication and signaling. It aims to actively offer advice and suggestions through academic exchanges, scientific and technological consultation, promote the technological progress of railway communication and signal system, and make contributions to the development of railway industry

visit the Zhengzhou communication section of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau

in the morning, the delegates visited the Zhengzhou communication section of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau and watched the video showing the informatization construction achievements of the teams of the Railway Bureau. Through the on-site network deployment and service distribution demonstration on the management, the delegates had a more intuitive experience of using GPON technology to realize railway optical fiber broadband access

Yan Suxia of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, which is often used in battery manufacturing, shared the experience of railway informatization construction of the Railway Bureau.

in the afternoon, Yan Suxia of the electrical Affairs Department of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau made a special report on the optical fiber access technology scheme, engineering experience, practical effect and existing problems of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau. As of June 2016, Zhengzhou Bureau has adopted GPON technology to realize the network access of 3 disciplines, 10 railway lines, and a total of more than 4000 teams. At present, the second stage of team informatization construction is under way

ZHENG Zhifa of Harbin Railway Bureau introduced the current situation of the access layer network construction of the Railway Bureau

ZHENG Zhifa of the electrical Affairs Department of Harbin Railway Bureau shared the construction experience of the access layer communication network of the Bureau, and analyzed and compared the technology selection under different access user types and application scenarios. In addition, the Bureau has realized the control and access of interval broadband communication services such as key construction of railway disciplines by deploying optical splitters and reserving optical splitters in the interval communication column, solved the problems of interval communication access difficulties and limited bandwidth, and also improved the guarantee ability of interval emergency communication

Li dizhi of Nanning Railway Bureau shared the construction scheme of workshop team video conference system

Li dizhi of Nanning Railway Bureau made a speech on the construction of HD video conference and access network. In order to build a video conference system for 44 households in Gaogai village of the railway bureau that supports smooth expansion, the bureau adopts the cloud MCU scheme, and the access adopts GPON technology for broadband access transformation, which realizes the video conference to workshops and teams, and improves the daily office and work efficiency

Huawei Li Xianfa introduced the evolution of railway access technology

senior designer of Huawei network solutions Li Xianfa made a speech on the evolution of railway optical fiber access technology in combination with the needs of railway network and the development of communication industry technology. He believes that meeting the needs of the railway site to realize the large-scale utilization of carbon fiber composite hybrid body and carbon fiber parts, and the railway optical fiber access network of 100 megabytes in the production team and Gigabit in the workshop is the promotion goal in the near stage. After the 10g-pon standard is mature, 10g-pon will be the direction of railway access evolution in the future, and twdm-pon, which combines wavelength division technology and PON technology, is likely to be an important technical development direction in the future

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